Youth development

Our vision:

That every community has the capacity to raise its own young people/rangatahi . Our communities are able to create a rich environment that offers support for a child to grow into adulthood.
  • To bring people together who care for the future of our young people
  • Use our relationships and connections to build communities
  • Align ourselves with professional bodies, policy makers and funding agencies
  • To include everyone in the conversation
  • Give platforms for young people to express themselves

What is youth development?

Youth development is ensuring our young people are skilled and resilient enough to take ownership of their futures. We need them to be fully connected, supported and empowered within their local and wider communities.

Our young people need to be included and engaged in the larger social environment of family/whanau, iwi, marae, peers, school/ training/ employment and community. They need opportunities to use their assets, strengths and skills by participating in and taking leadership of valued community activities.

Communities can create supportive and enriching environments for all young people that will lead to positive outcomes as well as reducing negative outcomes. It is recognised that there is a need to blend universal approaches that focus on all young people with approaches that target young people facing extra challenges.

Areas we are currently working to support

  • Youth to Employment programmes
  • Youth Leadership Programmes
  • Youth Holiday Programmes
  • Youth Expression

Youth Development Advisor

What excites me most about my role:

My name is Joe and I am a down to earth people person with a lifelong passion for creating aspirational opportunities for young people.

Having worked in secondary education as a PE and Health Teacher and within communities on projects including music, sports and social change in both the UK and New Zealand, I have a strong understanding and experience of front line youth development work.

I realise the potential for sharing this experience and knowledge in local government and the wider community to ensure that conversations and developments are held accountable to the voice of its youth and to educate them on how best to support youth through youth engagement and community led development practices so they can flourish in life.